Umbrel OS RPi Security Advice

Hi Everyone!

I recently managed to setup my nextcloud home hosted server. Looks amazing and promising but still lots to learn.

My main concern is the security level for my files.

The umbrel OS for RPi does not allow HTTPS connection is that a problem?
Should I activate other safety measures to compensate for the lack of HTTPS?

I’m planning on using my server remotely from anywhere and I’m currently using tailscale to do so. Is that good enough?

Really have no idea what is good or bad in terms of security so looking for some advice.

Thank you, and keep going community!

Perhaps set up Nextcloud on a different device where you can use SSL and then access just the storage within your local network. HTTP on websites where you transmit user credentials and data should be a nogo today.

If you just run it locally, and then access through a VPN, …

Not sure what is the matter with your OS and why it is not possible, I’d look for alternative solutions, there are a few open NAS systems, a few can integrate Nextcloud directly.