UK Date format wrong Missing Locale united kingdom

Hi !
We have nearly finished installing next cloud, but have come across a huge stumbling block.
The UK date format is in month/ day not day/month.
I cannot find a way to correct this, and its an absolute must for the calendars.
I have read some articles in here and if I am not mistaken there is no setting to correct this.
I am glad we haven’t gone for the paid version yet, we are going to abandon this project and find an alternative if this is the case…
We cannot afford to miss meetings and appointments because of date confusion .

Thank you

In the web front end, click on your image (extreme top right) and select “Personal settings” from the drop down. about halfway down the page is the box “Locale”, click on it and select “English (United Kingdom)”

Very Strange!
There is no English (United Kingdom) in the list !

English (World)
English (US outlying territories)
No united kingdom!

I have the Language set to English(British, English)
But there is nothing in the Locale for us !

Really? I always thought it would be like this:

American: MM/DD/YYYY
British: DD/MM/YYYY

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-04-24 10-49-55

…and there is the international ISO format for numeric date notation, which is YYYY-MM-DD. This would probably be best for all to use, in order to avoid confusion :wink:

Anyways, I’m not sure why it doesn’t appear in the list, (maybe a bug?) but you can try to force it by adding the following line to your config.php:

'force_locale' => 'en_GB',

Hi bb77,

Thanks for coming back to me !
I worded my problem description wronly.
I meant my date is showing MM/DD/YYY andd uk should be DD/MM/YY my bad…

I’m a windows guy normally so I will see if I can find the config file and edit it !
Fingers crossed…

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I tried to add the line in the config file but now the app doesn’t start up .

"b>Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token "=>", expecting ")" in /var/www/html/config/config.php on line 88

See attached picture of the config file.
I dont see anything in the config file mentioning country or locale, I cannot see a section that looks like it should go so I stuck it where I have in the picture.

But obviously I have something wrong somewhere.

Thank you

You have inserted the line inside the trusted proxies array. Try moving it above that line and after the ‘files_external_allow_create…’ line.:

Thank you for this !
The calendar now shows the date in uk format!.

It complains when it does the setup/check but I can live with that.
I just need to sort out the SMTP issues I have as nothing I try works, but hopefully some one will reply to my post on it.
Thank you bb77 Awsome !

You can fix the phone region warning by adding the following to the config.php:

'default_phone_region' => 'GB',

…not sure what to do about the SMTP error from your other post, unfortunately.

Thank you !
That’s worked a dream !


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