Uh... Nextcloud installation just completely reinitalized?

I had NextCloud 13 installed on my home desktop and to my knowledge it was working fine.

Then one day I got a message on my phone saying files weren’t syncing properly so I went to the web admin url and I see this:

What the heck happened? Is this because of the release of NextCloud 14? Did my cloud self update to the new version and just wipe out my old info??


I found another thread with someone else having a similar problem. They were told that the issue was because their rootfs had filled up and that they needed to restore from backup.

My rootfs had recently filled out but accident when I installed too many steam games. But I have cleared up space and I’m still having problems. I’m not clear on my issues are.

Here’s the last comment I made on the other thread:

"Hi, I’m sorry but I’m not sure where to start with this really?

I feel like I need to take a step back and consider more options here.

Currently it seems that I have to either just reinstall everything (which would be simple but also require me to basically recreate all my users, settings, branding etc) or I have to restore from back up. But everything I find online about how to restore from backup seems like a huge deal and I’m not entirely sure I understand why it’s needed? All my files are still on my drive. Nothing is missing. It’s just not working with the client or web interface. Most of my files are actually on separate external drives, but even the stuff that isn’t is still accessible from what I can tell.

Perhaps maybe not for jonaskor but for me I feel like I just need to get the server plugged back into the data etc that’s still on my disk.

Like what exactly caused this to happen when the rootfs got full? Why did it break? what exactly broke? I never got a warning from NextCloud saying I was reaching capacity etc. And shouldn’t it have just stopped syncing or something instead of completely destroying the installation?"

Can anyone clarify these issues?

Also here’s a link to the other thread for reference: NCP re-initialized itself

I’ve updated this thread to reflect new information

Hey just wanted to say the issue has been fixed. I found a version of the config file in the nc-data folder, which had been created for an update. I am guessing that with the full rootfs it bugged out when trying to do the update and that screwed up the config.

Everything is good now. Many thanks!