Ubuntu update - Access through untrusted domain FIXED


I updated Nextcloud 15.0.2 and then updated and Upgraded Ubuntu.

The errors I get is HTTP ERROR 500 and if i edit the config and add a / at the end of the trusted domains I get " Access through untrusted domain" and if I do something like sudo -u www-data php occ db:add-missing-indices I get the following error now

“PHP Fatal error: Interface ‘OCA\Files_External\Lib\Config\IBackendProvider’ not found in /var/www/html/apps/files_external_gdrive/lib/AppInfo/Application.php on line 32”

Is somebody able to help me?

Kind Regards,

The google drive app does not work for me. Nextcloud stops functioning completely.

Unless it worked for you and you used it, you might want to manually delete files_external_gdrive and see if it works again.

kakashi you are amazing! thank you!

It was that all along

Haha. I’m happy that it helped :slight_smile: