Ubuntu Server LetsEncrypt SSL DNS Verification

Hey all, sorry for another one of the SSL posts - I see they get posted frequently.

Ubuntu Server 22.04
Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.4)
I used this guide for install and everything is fine there.

I also double checked the steps against this guide.

My ISP blocks incoming port 80 so I have been doing manual certs. This works fine, it can see the TXT file and issues the cert.
sudo certbot -d mydomainname.xxx --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly

sudo certbot certificates shows the cert installed

I updated NC to use these ports. http works fine locally and with domain name but https doesn’t load locally or by domain.
sudo snap get nextcloud ports
ports.http 8097
ports.https 8921

I also updated and ran the command to allow the ports on the firewall.
sudo ufw allow 8087,8921/tcp
But sudo ufw status shows: Status: inactive

I’m sure I missed something obvious.


Snap is easy but has it’s own limitations. Let’s Encrypt wont work without 80/443 on non standard ports

Refer here → How to apply SSL using lets-encrypt while not using default ports 80/443 · Issue #832 · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap · GitHub

Try other work arounds.


Lets Encrypt does work on non standard ports if you use DNS verification. I have my Emby server setup that way and it works perfectly.

Like I said I am able to get the cert and it’s installed for nextcloud.

I suspect I just missed something like another place where 80/443 needs changed.

There are a lot of posts about changing ports and some of them mention changing the port in apache or nginx.
From my understanding the nextcloud snap uses it’s own web server so apache and nginx are not installed? At least not that I can see.

Looking at the listening ports it’s not even trying https.

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