Ubuntu Client losing its settings

Hello everyone

I installed the nextcloud client 2.2.4 on Ubuntu 16.10. First everything works fine.
But after three days It looses its settings. So today for the second time after booting I see the nextcloud client asking for my server details.
I have no idea where the problem might be and how to check for a solution. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help

Same here.

Hard to say, if you can reproduce it, start the client with logfile enabled (and lets hope the logfile does not get deleted):

I cut off the syncing stuff.

thanks for your answer. But I don’t understand how I can activate the logfile in the nextcloud client. I have nextlcloud installed on a shared sever without commandline access. Thanks for your help.

@benjyacki close your running nextcloud client (right click the nextcloud icon in the statusbar and select close), then open your terminal and enter nextcloud --logfile ~/Desktop/nextcloud.log
You do this on your local computer, not on the server.

Thank you! I’ll try it that way!
I guess that now I can’t let Netcloud launch on start up, as it then wouldn’t write the log file right?

Right, just close it completely and start it again with the command. Btw. I found a solution. If you want me to help you with commands, send me the first 30 lines of your logfile or so, after you started your Nextcloud client (you don’t even have to enter your server address). The issue was the ownership of the nextcloud.cfg file in the /home/user/.local/share/data/Nextcloud directory which was set to root, not to my user.

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