Ubuntu 18.04 auto install and now gone

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04. I had the option to do an install of NextCloud during the installation process. Looks like a snap install as best I can tell.

I did not get the automatic installation of Apache2, MySQL or PHP. I did those manually myself and confirmed they work.

The NextCloud page came up at one point, but does not after the AMP install. I have been fiddling with it trying to get this thing figured out to no avail.

I’m clearly new(er) at this, so please no flames.

I would like to see NextCloud at example.com/nextcloud.

Thanks in advance.

When you do snap install, it comes with its own instance of Apache. When you installed Apache via apt, the two Apache daemons are now in conflict over the listening ports.

If you want to go with the snap install, remove the one in apt, or use different ports if you need to keep it.

Managing a server must be done in a proper manner and can’t really be mixed.
Mixing is the best recipient for a long and miserable debug life !

  • you dont really manage anything using snap, docker or other likewise stuff, but it is supposed to be “easy”. easy doesnt mean for noobs !!! you still need some snap of intelligence.

  • you could run a dedicated server, hand-made with hard labor and thinking, playing and crying againts conf files and dependencies. But at the end, your brain is alive and it works. In that case, you may also end up divorced, alone and miserable.

  • The alternate is to pay for it. You will have the same satisfaction doing it this easy way, that you will feel like … that weird green stuff you just walk on.

As you can see, no easy choice here ! But at least, there is some trues here !!!