Two servers, Different versions

I am doing a little bit of maintenance on two different NextCloud installations that are on the same machine. One is currently version 22.2.5 and the other is 23.0.2. Both are on the “Stable” update channel. Both are showing “Your version is up to date.”.

If both are up to date, why are they different versions?

Upgrades are shipped in waves… new versions hit only few installations first, then there is a bigger wave and then the rest (this have been discussed often - use forum search). now at 23.0.2 I would have expected everybody is offered 23 but seems to be not the case now… until you are not behind specific new features everything is fine to stay little longer on the older stable release…

You can change to the new version:

a.) change channel to “beta”
b.) reload website
c.) now you can upgrade - use command linke updater if possible
d.) reload website
e.) change back to “stable”

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