Two nextclouds not playing well with each other

Personal NextCloud:
Debian Jessie 8, NC 10.0.0

Business NextCloud
FreeBSD 10, NC 10.0.0

I am trying to connect my Business NextCloud account to my personal (Login to personal, see the Business).
Before, when I added it the first time, I could see all the files and folder in the Business external storage connection in my Personal NC, but after a sync they disappeared from my personal view, says No Files. If I create a folder, it shows up on the Business NC account, and is visible to my Personal, but what was already on the Business account does not show up in the Personal. Via web, desktop and mobile app.

Any ideas?

Did this happen after an upgrade from NC 9 to 10? There is nothing in your logfiles I suppose? Can you delete and add the federated sharing?

If you can’t find anything obvious, it may be worth waiting a few days until version 10.0.1 finally gets released (RC1 is currently tested: Help testing the 9.0.54RC1 and 10.0.1RC1). Your issue is perhaps fixed before you dive in a longer debugging session.

Everything ended up working. I cleared my external shares, and readded one-by one and let them fully populate (Go from Pending to actual file size)

Only issue I have now are FTP shares updating, but that seems to be a known issue.