Two nextcloud servers on a single system

Hi everybody,
I’m about to install second nextcloud server on a single machine / system (Ubuntu 16.04). Is there something I should take special care of, to make sure everything will run smoothly?

I’m aware of:
look into config.php and set the proper domain, proper server name, proper data directory, proper db name, db user name and db password.

Is there something else, especially regarding redis cache, to be configured somehow differently on both instances in order to avoid collisions?


Make sure you specify the different numbers for the Redis databases. Otherwise, not sure what could cause conflicts. Overall probably easier to setup something like that via Docker containers.

I also think that some of the commercial NC providers must have some way to automatically create NC “farm animals”, but I am not sure about the exact setup.

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@Tomas_Bucina If you use cron for cron jobs you cannot forget to set it for other instance :slight_smile:
I have got two instances on a single CentOS and it works fine.

And like @Krischan said different numbers of redis db’s are important.