Two issues when syncing or uploading files with iOS and Android clients

Hello all,
I am syncing my photos to a Nextcloud server and I am having some issues. Maybe somebody can help?

I am using Nextcloud 27.1.2 on a Linux system with PHP 8.2 and 1G memory limit as well as >900GB free disk space, and an iPhone SE 2nd Generation (2020) with Nextcloud client as well as a Huawei P30 Pro smartphone (client 3.26.0) both with all available updates installed.

  1. The iOS and Android clients seem not very clever when duplicate files are detected, both when syncing and when uploading files manually. If a file already exists on the server, sync stops and I get a notification on the client PER FILE and have to decide for each file which version I want - even if the files are identical by size, timestamp and name. This becomes very cumbersome when resuming a file upload operation.
    I would expect the clients to compare content checksums and consider the file synced if they match (regardless of timestamp), and prefer the newest file by timestamp if the content does not match.

Is this an option in the clients I have missed somewhere?

  1. On both smartphone systems, a larger sync operation (I’d say >100MB of data, but I haven’t exactly measured) often does not complete properly when the phone is not kept active. Either the Nextcloud client app is killed by energy management or something else gets in the way. On Android, I have disabled all battery saver features that i could find, but this did not help so far.

How can I ensure that the client keeps syncing until everything has been finished, regardless of the phone screen being on and the phone being in active use, even if this takes an hour or longer?

Thank you!

What can happen during upload, that the server is overrun with requests especially when there are many small files. Database caches and redis for file locking can help a bit, but with 1 GB of RAM, you are a bit limited.

Even on the desktop client, where resources are less limited, this is annoying. Check the bug tracker for some issues and ideas. Regarding the conflicts in android, it seems to be more common recently:

and how the problem is handled:

Make sure it is an app problem and it doesn’t happen with desktop client or web interface. Also if the server runs out of capacity during the upload, and then just data are dropped and it is hard to resume. Or if really the client is killed, it might use too much resources, etc. but such bugs should be reported.