Two-Factor WebAuthn is denied by IONOS managed nextcloud

Hello @ChristophWurst!

I would like to configure 2FA with a Nitrokey Fido2. I can do it in a test enviroment on my webhosted Nextcloud V.27 by installing “Two-Factor WebAuthn”.
Unfortunately it is not possible on my productive system (IONOS managed nextcloud) because the app is not available in the appstore there.
I know that there are alternatives for 2FA such as TOTP but I would prefer FIDO2 as more convenient.
After my mail to IONOS support, I recevied the following feedback…

vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail. Gerne helfe ich Ihnen weiter.

Die App “Two-Factor WebAuthn” wurde von der entsprechenden Fachabteilung abgelehnt. Aus diesem Grund wird sie nicht für die Managed Nextcloud angeboten.

Alternativ empfehlen wir Ihnen die App “Two-Factor TOTP Provider”:

Diese wurde für die Managed Nextcloud freigegeben.

  • Are you aware that IONOS bans your app due to unknown reasons?
  • Is there a chance from your side to discuss their concerns with them, so that there might be a chance to overcome their ban?