Two factor authentication with Telegram?

Are you planning to develop app for two factor authentication with Telegram? Compared to the existing Two Factor TOTP Provider we do not need google. Compared to two factor authentication by SMS it does not cost anything.

cc. @ChristophWurst @LukasReschke


no, there are no plans to implement this. However, if someone wants to work on this, there’s an existing 2FA sms provider into which Telegram could be integrated as messaging gateway:

If you’re interested please file a ticket at and I can give you more pointers to get started :slight_smile:

Hi Christoph,

Thank you for your reply. I have no experience in developing apps for such a big project as Nextcloud. But it may be a challenge for me. For now I will first getting more info which steps should be taken to develop such an app. :tada:

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Cool, sometimes waiting solves the issue :wink: Since you are using the Nextcloud app, we could use the Nextcloud app for second factor authentication…

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