Two-Factor Authentication via Nextcloud notification

Hi, I have the latest Nextcloud running on an Raspberry Pi 4/4.
Everything is working fine except that I cant get push notifications
whenn I try to login in with the above mentioned app.

Two-factor auth ist enabled and working fine while entering the
code, but when I click on the notification button no incoming
notification on my iPhone 11 with latest iOS.

The first few days it was working thou.
The notification app is also installed on Nextcloud.

Any ideas?


I had some issues with this as well on version 15 or 16. I found the notification delivered on the Windows client hard to use. Instead I switched to TOTP and used the Authy iPhone app. Have you considered that?

We have the same issue. I have never gotten a push notification using the app in the last 4 versions (or ever for that matter since we have only been using since NC14). I use an iPhone also. The TOTP works fine though. But having to help all our users get and configure a 2FA app is a pain.

TOTP works for me too. I have PI-Hole as a network wide ad blocker running on an raspberry pi 3, maybe it blocks something needed for push notification feature. Will test it later without the blocker.

The ad blocker does not appear to have any influence on the push functionality of the app.
Unfortunately I have no further idea what could be the reason why the push message is not transmitted.

Maybe someone could test the function with an android system just to rule out that the
problem is related to iPhones iOS system.

Right now I have deactivated the app because it has no functionality at all.