Two-factor authentication not displaying email option for some users

Hi, I am assisting providing the user and general platform management for Nextcloud for an international project. I myself am not in IT, and thus am operating on a basic understanding of factors. We had an IT person help us set up the platform, but they are not always available to assist specifically for our project.

We recently launched the platform for use by all users of the project (80 total). 2 of those users are unable to set up 2FA with email. They only have the option for TOTP.

This has not been an issue so far with other users. Both of the users without the email option for verification are from the same organization (i.e. emails with the same extensions). Upon creation of their account, they received an email from the system that an account had been made for them. I checked their emails, gave them each a new password, and they logged out and back in, with no success.

There are no errors or warnings in the log that indicate an issue with 2FA.


  • Nextcloud 18.0.4

  • Debian 10

  • MySQL 10.3.22

  • Encryption: initially enabled, now not (files have been decrypted)

  • External storage: no

  • Nextcloud installation: upgrade

The problem was sorted out. It seems there are some compatibility issues with Internet Explorer, but not Microsoft Edge.