Two-factor authentication is enforced but has not been configured on your account. contact your admin for assistance


Hello, I am new to Nextcloud and Ubuntu. I created my Nextcloud (Version 23.0), during the Ubuntu server installation (22.04.3 LTS). I have logged into my server and enabled 2FA. I didn’t know that, I also needed to set up 2FA and logout from NC. Now, I cannot login again since there is no 2FA configured. I have searched this topic a lot but have not found any solution. Could someone please help me step by step and guide me on how I can disable 2FA and log into my NC?

Thank you!

This occ command will let you manually disable the app.

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Thank you for the replay. But I have got the following error ‘Could not open input file: occ’. I have tried to solve these errors by searching similar posts on NC, but no solutions were found.