Two-factor admin support - are you using it? Does it reduce/make easier support issues?

Hi there,

I’m looking for information from Nextcloud admins - orgnisations, companies, individuals - who use the Two-Factor Admin support app to help users recover access to their accounts.

I hope my post is acceptable, as the feedback could also be useful to the app developer. If my post isn’t acceptable, I apologise, and I’ll remove it.

I am a UX designer and currently I’m working on UX design for 2FA functionality for my client, and I’m interested in how successful this 2FA support process is for both admins and users. (My client has ~3-4K users who may potentially have 2FA issues) I’d like to suggest this workflow as one possbile way to support users who have lost their TOTP device. The only other way I can think of it to disable 2FA for the user, which isn’t ideal.

I’d appreciate if people could give some input on the following questions:

(NB: I don’t need/want to know your organisation name, location, what you do!)

  • what alternatives to this app have you tried for 2FA recovery?
  • Does this app work better for users/admin staff than others (e.g. globally disabling 2FA or disabling for 1 user)? If so why?
  • does this app reduce your support overhead? If so, how much? A lot, a little?
  • do users understand what they have to do?
  • do you have 2FA enforced?
  • how often do you have to use the 2FA admin support?
  • are there any tricky user issues with it?

Thanks in advance.