Two alias. One directory

Hi everybody.

Can I have two URLs pointing to the same Nextcloud folder in production?

Old example URL 1:

New example URL 2:

My idea is this Apache configuration on the Nextcloud server:

Alias /nextcloud "/var/www/nextcloud/"
Alias /abc       "/var/www/nextcloud/"

(The subdomains “cloud” and “new” are handled by reverse proxy NGINX.)

If this is not a good idea, would it be bulletproof to use the second alias only? Will Javascript build redirects to /nextcloud/ at login for example?


OK, I tested the stated Apache configuration:

URL 1: OK.
URL 2: OK, but some images are missing, for example:

Wrong path:

Would be right:

I guess Javascript reads the folder name (which is still nextcloud and not abc) and builds the wrong path, so these images can’t be loaded:

I set “overwrite.cli.url” in “config/config.php” to “”, but no luck.