Tutoring for Docker & QNAP

Anyone out there to help someone (me!) better learn docker / compose?

I would like to better understand what I am doing, so it would certainly be very frustrating for you :slight_smile: - I would imagine I would share my screen via skype and then have you look over my shoulder / teach.

Box: QNAP TVS-882
Install official docker nextcloud distro. (https://hub.docker.com/_/nextcloud/ - we decide on the version pros and cons)
Install helper apps as you / we see fit. (e.g. Collabora?)
Enable SSL (My ISP blocks port 80)
And throughout the process, we document the steps to provide a how-to to the community.

If interested, please email any compensation requirements.


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Were you successful? I have no idea what I’m doing :(( and would like some canned help or scripts to assist. Willing to compensate to get it running.

I was… I PURCHASED an SSL certificate (vs the let’s encrypt free one, as I didn’t have enough horsepower in my brain to solve that! - My ISP blocks port 80)

Are you able to PM your email / contact info?

Hey Rob, I just saw this. I’m trying to implement SSL as well…I have nextcloud running, but can’t seem to figure out how to get it SSL.


Wow! I suck! Michael, did I ever assist with this? I don’t recall ever helping. Old Man syndrome! And 2 years ago - I imagine that you solved it since then?