Tutorial wanted: Enable LDAP password change with Windows AD

Dear Community,

I am running a nextcloud Installation 12.0.0 with AD (Windows Server 2012 R2) LDAP Integration since a while with no major issues.

Now I want to enable AD users to chance there passwords in Nextcloud whats a feature since Nextcloud 11.

Is there a step-by-step tutorial from the very beginning on how to do this?

Currently I am not able to etablish a LDAPs connection to the ADS what is mandatory.

The current public information and the NC guide I am lost.


What have you tried so far?

First of all, try to keep your installation up-to-date, the maintainers are doing an excellent job in merging out bugs and there are minor updates for a reason (12.0.3).

I’ve quickly made a short howto, just for you, but remember, its also mandatory that you understand the basics of LDAP/ActiveDirectory.