Tutorial to set up automatic backup

Hi there,
there is any tutorial to set up an automatic backup (DB and Files) for a Nextcloud installation?

It could be good if using Rsync, Borg or Resilio.

Thanks a lot

Not tested: https://github.com/DecaTec/Nextcloud-Backup-Restore/releases

You must only backup only the files and the DB.
Perhaps some cron-processes …
There are linux-tools for other applications you can use.
You must dump your db and backup the dump like files.

For rsync you can search “rsnapshot”

I am using ccollect for all kind of data backup on my server.
Link 1 Link2
For the MySQL database backup or restore I use mydumper/myloader

Both, ccollect and mydumper are very fast and you can configure them to your needs. Both can be configured to run using cron.

I hope that help