TURN server on AlmaLinux

I have Cpanel server running on ALMALINUX, with 8GB RAM.
I want to install TURN server on it so i may use video calling features beyond my location network.

I am unable to find any method to install TURN server on almalinux.
i tried google and found some help but as i have CPANEL server installed also, i want TURN server configuration/settings to interfere my Cpanel server. Does any one know how can i install any TURN server on Almalinux directly or within Cpanel server.

Sorry i do not use AlmaLinux. But because of here AlmaLinux based on CentOS. Maybe you find an installation guide for CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Maybe you can first use a free TURN/STUN-server. Search the web. You can read e.g. this including TURN for Nextcloud Talk (not tested).