Try number 4: server locked

I do not understand how it is okay for a single user not to be able to use nextcloud at all. Been trying to get help for months and it seems like that will not be happening. I am using duplicati to backup. Duplicati keeps returning a locked 423 error. No one has any idea why. Duplicati blames nextcloud and nextcloud blames my lack of information.

I remove the backup job and recreate it and it works fine. Then after a undisclosed amount of time it locks up again and I can not backup. I have no idea here.

And yes when it is locked I can use nextcloud all day without issue


Before you do any site backup, I think the Nextcloud instance should be put into maintenance mode. Nextcloud should first be backed up as described in the documentation. I would suggest reading and following the backup procedure for Nextcloud first. Therefore, Backup Nextcloud, Your database and store them somewhere. Then backup your website.

I have also read thru your previous posts and want to recommend that its very important to list your system information first before stating your problem. If you do not know where to find it then it will take some due diligence on your part to uncover it. Then what I do is paste it into a text file and save it for future use.

IMHO, The lock error you are getting is probably because some files are in use still and cannot be accessed. Thus you get a 423 error. Also, Locate your Nextcloud.log file and read thru it. There is a lot of valuable information there for troubleshooting. Also your webserver log file.

I get the opinion that you are not comfortable with your operating system. It’s important to learn how to work in the command line and also the location of critical files (i.e. the log files) in order to fix issues. I know your frustrated. We all get frustrated at times. You just have to work thru this.


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