is bad (registration required)


from time to time i need a Nextcloud test account. In the last years i could use it on . That works fine and thank you.

Meanwhile you have to register to use this service. This also worked last week. Today it did not work. To get users interested in Nextcloud, the registration to create a 60-minute account should be removed again. This is of no use to anyone. Above all, it does not benefit the Nextcloud community and the spread of Nextcloud.

Perhaps the service was abused and therefore had to be removed?

I have no problem with a quick check of the email. The link to the 16-characters username could be sent by email with some advertising and the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter.

But first of all, there are two emails that need to be processed and secondly, I didn’t receive the second email today. So i can not use the service of .

Cc @Daphne

I think it is still working, I just tested the process. I registered in the form, I got a link in my mail immediately, and this link I opened which led me to the login page and automatically logged in and installed.

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I did the same proceed as you Daphne, unfortunately it failed for me at the automatic sign-in.

I can see the randomly generated username and password is pre-filled and populated inside username & password fields however the page reloads almost immediately after and lands me on a sign-in screen with username and password fields blank.

Could be a browser issue of course, I haven’t tested with another one, I’m using Brave browser

Edit: Using Chrome works fine, possible it is the Brave privacy and tracking blocking feature that caused me issues but I don’t know :pray:

This problem is old. In Firefox you can use the Back-Button to get the login credentials again. But it solves not my general issue.

I tested it again and get this email. And now?
I changed the values.

Dear xxx yyy
Thank you for your inquiry. You submitted the following data:

Email: xxx.yyy.@server.tld
How did you learn about Nextcloud?: Other
Preferred language: English
I agree to the terms and conditions: Checked

We will get back to you soon.

Kind regards
Nextcloud sales team