Trusted reverse proxy warning [solved]

Nexcloud v.16.0.3.
Is it possible to get rid of the yellow “wrong reverse proxy headers or you’re connected through the trusted proxy” message on the Overview page?
The server is behind traefik trusted reverse proxy, traefik is on a dedicated VM, Nextcloud (Apache) is on another VM. I followed the setup on the link recommended, but I still see this warning. Is it a normal behavior, or the proxy headers are really incorrect still?

Update: That was my misconfiguration, trusted_proxies array was within another array value, and was ignored.

It’s not normal behavior. I use an Apache reverse proxy and don’t have such an error. I can’t say about traefik however.

is that the traefik container ip address or the host ip address?

you have to use the container address: docker_container.NetworkSettings.Networks.backend.IPAddress