Trusted Domains not working on remote server


I just installed nC via Snapd on my Ubuntu 18.04 folder and set it up to use self-signed SSL certificates. I also setup ufw to grant access to 80,443/tcp and my SSH port. I added the IP of the remove server that runs nC and my public IP of my home connection to the trusted domains using “sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:set trusted_domains x --value=xxx”. The array looks fine:

   array (
     0 => 'localhost',
     1 => '', 
     2 => '',

1 is my server’s IP and 2 is the public IP of my home internet connection. I also verified using “sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:get trusted_domains”. I restarted apache using “sudo snap restart nextcloud.apache” and also restarted the entire server. I keep getting the trusted domains issue, so I cannot do anything :frowning: Before I changed the trusted domains, I ran “sudo nextcloud.manual-install sammy password”, which was successful. I read up on people with similar issues, but mos did not have a solution and those who did, didn’t help in my case.

Thanks in advance,