Trunking issue with NextCloud

Dear support,

One of our Mac users has experienced an issue with their desktop client when trying to sync a large PPT file (50Mb). Investigating on the server side reveals a 412 trunking error for the file.

If the user deletes the file locally and then tries to force a sync again, it completes successfully.

I have noticed other forum users having similar issues but I’ve not seen a recommended solution to the issue other than changing the chunking size in the NextCloud configuration.

User’s NextCloud client version V2.3.2 (build 1) for Mac
NextCloud version: 13.0.6 (running through Apache 2 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

Any help resolving this issue would be appreciated?

Kind Regards,


Please reference “other forum users having similar issues”.

Please use latest stable client version v2.5.1 and verify.

btw. 13.0.6 is not the latest minor version of v13 and v13 is EOL. See