Truenas webdav as external storage in nextcloud

Hello everyone,

I’m new to nextcloud, and I have a question of how to add webdav folder from truenas to nextcloud

I did so far:

  • Created webdav in truenas, and can access it via http & https + ip address of truenas
  • Added webdav from truenas to nextcloud via “external storage” via http, and can see it


  1. I can’t create any files inside of this folder (webdav).
  2. I have the follwing message:
    “Error no app in context GenericFileException Invalid path”
  3. I can’t add webdav via https

Maybe someone knows how to add webdav to nextcloud or can reply with a link on a topic, if it was already solved. Thanks in advance

*Nextcloud is setup on ubuntu server separately from truenas

If you use this webdav connection from a different client (e.g. winSCP) with the same credentials, are you able to write on the webdav drive?

Thanks for your reply. I connected SMB share, and it works. Topic can be deleted

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