Truenas: Integrating Nextcloud with Minio object storage

Nextcloud works on truenas as a plugin with its default settings connecting it to mysql. However, it does have have support for external storage enabled and there is no option displayed. Unable to connect nextcloud to minio running on same truenas in a separate jail. IP’s are visible to each other and so there are no network issues as it is the same true nas node running both nextcloud and minio in separate jails. Simply replacing mysql attributes with the following in /usr/local/nextcloud/config/config.php

‘objectstore’ => [
‘class’ => ‘\OC\Files\ObjectStore\S3’,
‘arguments’ => [
‘bucket’ => ‘bucket_name’,
‘autocreate’ => false,
‘key’ => ‘key value’,
‘secret’ => ‘secret value’,
‘hostname’ => ‘host ip’,
‘port’ => 9001,
‘use_ssl’ => false,
‘region’ => ‘regio name’,
‘use_path_style’=>[true | false]

does not work. the logs are not very helpful either …

Can you clarify what you’re trying to do?

You will need a database even with external storage. Generally that’ll be either MySQL/mariadb or PostgreSQL.

You can certainly use external storage for storing files, but it does not replace the database.

MinIO works well with Nextcloud - it’s used in all the integration testing during development as an S3 backend.

For external storage that is object based (S3/Minio/etc) you can either mount it in a supplementary fashion (standard external storage in the web GUI) or you can use primary external storage (which completely replaces local file storage and is configured in config.php).

What, specifically, is occurring beyond “it does not work”? Describe where you’re stuck.