True size of a directory/file including all versions

Nextcloud version : 28.0.1 (from docker image)
PHP version : 8.2.14 (from docker image)

My drive is quite finite and I need to cleanup my nextcloud. I’m using versioning while working on the drive, and want to decide what versions to delete. However the reported file/directory size is not counting all versions. It would be nice to see both values in the web interface.

Is there a way to quickly see both values ?


Laurent R.

I’m not aware of easy a way to list versions size… but you can use built-in capability of versions app to get rid of older files. if you assign quotas - then versions will automatically get rid of older files cutting the usage by 50% of the quota I think…

thanks, I’m aware this can be done but in my use case, automatic deletion of old versions is not a viable option.