Trouble with external access


I’m attempting to set up a NextCloud server on my Odroid HC1 using a NextCloudPi image for personal use, but I am struggling trying to make it available external to my home network. On my home network I can connect to the server with the private IP address or through my No-IP DDNS hostname, but any attempts to connect on my phone network fail and my Let’s Encrypt attempts fail (Connection reset by peer).

I’m using No-IP for a free DDNS hostname, ports 443 and 80 are open, and I also have a Pi Hole running on my network (if that is important). I’m trying to use check-your-website.server-daten(.)de/ to troubleshoot the problem and I’m receiving this error: “Fatal: Inconsistency between delegation and zone. The set of NS records served by the authoritative name servers must match those proposed for the delegation in the parent zone.: ( Delegation:,,,, Zone:,,,, Name Servers defined in Zone, missing in Delegation:” And there are 10 variants of this message, with a different address when referring to the parent zone. For example " ( " instead of “ (”.

I’m think this is telling me I have a problem with name servers, but, frankly, I don’t understand how name servers work or how I would try and solve the problem.

I would really appreciate any thoughts, suggestions or tips. Thanks!

PS I used (.) to break the links so the forum would allow me to post. Those are not part of the error message.

The firewall on Pi Hole is correctly set up for 80 and 443 port ?

I don’t remember configuring any firewalls on the Pi Hole, and there are no options for it on the web interface. I did find some information in the documentation (Prerequisites - Pi-hole documentation) about configuring firewall rules, but none of the commands are working on the Pi Hole. Have you ever done this before?

I have used port checking websites that say both ports are open, is it possible for that result but still have the Pi Hole interfere?

Thanks for the suggestion!

@Torkyl i haven’t Pi Hole so i can’t try on my installation…
if I read this correctly, your domain on No-ip works when you aren’t connected to your router or not ?

I can only connect to NextCloud when I’m connected to the router that my NextCloud server is plugged into. I can do this using the noip domain name or the private IP address. So it works perfectly when I’m at home, but I would like to be able to connect to it at work or out int the world.