Trouble running first run config

This is my first post ever, so bare with me. I have been working in the IT industry for 22 years, so I do have fairly extensive knowledge.

I get an error after the files are downloaded to the webserver, during the configuration stage.

Setting locale to en_US.UTF-8/fr_FR.UTF-8/es_ES.UTF-8/de_DE.UTF-8/ru_RU.UTF-8/pt_BR.UTF-8/it_IT.UTF-8/ja_JP.UTF-8/zh_CN.UTF-8 failed
Please install one of these locales on your system and restart your webserver.

I was using the web installer (setup-nextcloud.php) I have full control of the server.
I set it up with ispconfig 3 as the control panel.
The Debian 10 installation was originally installed with en_CA as the locale.
I received the error and then changed the locale to en_US (both are UTF8).
the system has been rebooted a couple of times, but I still cannot get the config to run.

I have tried everything that i can find on the internet to do with the error above.
Does anyone have any thoughts? I will follow any possible solutions, because I am human and could have missed something.

Thanks for any help.

I do not have solution to your problem. But I geuess it has something to do with the Nextcloud web installer interfearing with ispconfig. But since you have full control over the server I wonder why you are using the webinstaller at all. Just unzip the, place it to the respective webroot and set the permissions accordingly. After that you can open it in a web browser and go from there… The web server, PHP and the database have of course to be set up and configured proparly by then. But you can find all the necesary configuration examples in the Nextcloud documentation…

There it goes to show you how much of a block head us humans can be.
I have used next cloud to create a stand alone vm but have not installed it into a Webserver… I thought this would be easier… Doh. :blush:

I will try to see if this works and then mark as solved

Ok tried the manual install the way i should have the first time.
i filled in the config.php, have db/user/password all in place.
I get a internal server error which references checking in the logfiles.
I have checked every possible error log file especially the one that had the other errors (with request id’s ) that i already solved.
there is nothing that even remotely helps. I turned on the php logging still no help.