Trouble figuring out how to enable Memories app

Hey guys. So I have a Nextcloud instance that is hosted through my Namecheap hosting and still learning much about how to manage the admin side of things in it. I recently heard about the Memories app which I want to setup and try but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to install / enable it. Can someone either explain the process to me or guide me to the explaination to the process somewhere? Many thanks.

You just click on your name on the top right, then go to the apps, and there you can search for apps and install and activate them:

I had this same problem btw… with the newer versions of nextcloud you can use unified search - just search for “memories” in the search at the top right corner and you will see the app as one of the results.

Otherwise to find apps the experience is a bit kludgy… as @tflidd writes, you click on your avatar, then APPS on the pulldown menu, then on the left side you pick the category of apps and look for the app you need. In this case it’s in MULTIMEDIA.

Once you’re in a category, the installed apps are shown first then the uninstalled ones are below, in alphabetical order.