Trouble adding a Google Calendar to NC 18

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Sorry to hear you’re facing problems :slightly_frowning_face:

Nextcloud version 18.0.3:
Operating system and version Ubuntu 20.04:
nginx version 1.18.0:
PHP version 7.4.3:

The issue you are facing:
I’m trying to add a Google calendar to my Nextcloud account (Holidays in United States, if it matters) but it just doesn’t seem to match up. Can anyone who has done this successfully give me any insight?

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y):

  • Please provide DETAILED information about your environment, the used software and app versions, etc., etc.
  • Please also describe IN DETAIL all steps you did to subscribe to the calendar link.
  • Please provide related messages from the Nextcloud log file.
  • Did you make sure that the required Nextloud cron job has correctly been set-up and is being executed regularly?

Plus it’s always good to search the forum on similar issues…

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Environment, software, and app versions included in the original post.

Clicked on New calendar, selected New subscription from link (read-only)
Pasted in link to Holidays in United States calendar (, hit ENTER.
Clicked the three dots, selected Download. Error message in new tab, “This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.”

Where exactly is the Nextcloud log? I can’t find it on the server; is it on the client?

According to the documentation, the cron job runs once a week automatically. Is this incorrect?

I’m afraid it’s NOT really detailed. Plus: it doesn’t tell a single word about your environment - just sayin’ :wink:

this seems to be important. Like where did you enter the given link, exactly? And where did you get that link from?


LESSCLOSE=/usr/bin/lesspipe %s %s
LESSOPEN=| /usr/bin/lesspipe %s
SSH_CLIENT= 39838 22

To get the link, I went to my Google Calendar and clicked on “Holidays in United States.” That opened the details page, showing the link I copied and pasted into the box that came up when I selected “New subscription from link (read-only).”

I hope that helps. Sorry about the earlier misunderstanding!

  • By default the Nextcloud log file can be found in the data directory, except you’ve configured a different file path in your configuration file.

The documentation says that the cron job needs to be executed every 5 minutes AND NOT once a week! Please read the related paragraph of the administrator guide again.

Okay, I found the log file. What do you want to see from it?

Maybe (probably!) I’m misunderstanding something but here’s what the Admin manual has to say about Calendar Subscriptions:

Refresh rate

Calendar subscriptions are cached on server and refreshed periodically. The default refresh rate is of one week, unless the subscription itself tells otherwise.

Without doubt I’ve made a critical error, but I don’t know what.