Trashbin without user quota

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 21.0.2Operating system and version _(eg, Ubuntu 20.04)_:Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTSApache or nginx version _(eg, Apache 2.4.25)_: Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu)PHP version _(eg, 7.4)_:PHP 7.4.3`

The issue you are facing:

Files in trashbin are not deleted, although default auto-retention is configured (i.e. no own trashbin_retention_obligation is set at all).
I haven’t set any quota for my users, but actually my isk is running full with trash.

The auto configuration obviously doesn’t work without quota settings. This is weird because the available disk space is the natural total quota!

There are quite many threads on this topic, but I haven’t been able to find the correct parameters settings which will do the trick.

If I understand recycle bin retention right it’s build to keep deleted files as long as possible - which usually what you want. but the result in turn: if there is no pressure from quota file remain in recycle bin forever.

I would set even you don’t need - enable quota for your users at reasonable high level… this helps you with the problem and even protects a little against some errors e.g. when user or faulty app try to upload to many data… ant it’d easy to adopt the quota in case you need to…

Hi wwe!

Thank you for this reply. I will try it.

However, don’t you think the the trashbin retention should take the available disk space into account? Would this be worth filing a change request?

it’s definitely not wrong to file a change request… the question is if it would receive attention or just fill github…

it would be great the software has defaults matching your needs from the beginning and there is no need to adjust something… in this terms I would say trashbin app defaults are not bad for the majority of the systems and there is a way to adopt them to better fit your expectations…

If you feel your suggestion would improve the software for many people then opening issue on Github is the right way continue.

Hi, please see Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation for all available options.

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Hi szaimen!

I read this page on the configuration parameters carefully, I tried to understand the function as much as I could. Still, the part “if space is needed” is misleading, at least for me. Space will be needed when the disk is running full.

Actually, you are right. The documentation is pretty unclear about whether if space is full accounts for disk space or user quota. Feel free to open an issue here to make this more clear: GitHub - nextcloud/documentation: 📘 Nextcloud documentation

I have filed this issue:

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Yes, I think so and filed this issue:

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