Trashbin error with only half of my files


I see many others on this forum have had the same problem, yet I haven’t seen a good solution.

I booted up an old laptop where I at one point had deletd the whole nextcloud folder in order to reinstall everything. Fast-forward and a few months later almost all of my NC files were deleted through sync on all my devices. They seem to have all landed in the trashbin, however I have only been able to recover one half, the other gives me an annoying error

When I attempt to restore, the files disappear from them trashbin GUI, like they’ve been successfully restored. However when I refresh the page, they’re back in the trashbin.

I can’t view the contents of the directories or I get an error. I cannot manually download them either.

I haven’t been able to find any logs to work with, and I assume that given I have a free acocunt, there won’t be any for me. The only thing I can find are a few locked cryptic database files in the root NC directory on windows and an empty “sync log” file: image

Any help at all would be appreciated, even if it is just to get my hands on some logs that I can review. There were some quite important files in there that I need to recover at all costs.

If anyone has an idea what happened to my files in the first place in order to prevent this in the future, that would also be welcome.

Thanks for the help

as long you have access to the NC server you always can review the contents of the Nextcloud files folder and copy the files out of trashbin if they exist…

The problem with your old laptop sync is somehow similar to my experience: desktop sync always consider the local state as valid and therefore removes files from server if they don’t exist locally :frowning: take a look at this bug report - different root cause but the same problem - if the file doesn’t exist locally the client deletes it on the server side…