Trash directory not available

Hej NextClouders,

here’s a little issue I found while trying to reduce disk-usage:
I tried to access the trash-bin in the files-app (to empty it) but get:

Dieses Verzeichnis ist nicht verfügbar, bitte die Logdateien überprüfen oder den Administrator kontaktieren.
This directory is not available, please check the log files or contact the administrator.

I’m running NC 18 (on up-to-date raspbian with apache with mariadb) that has been upgraded since OC 6 or 7, when my user was created.
The issue is only with my user, a different user that has been created much later (NC 12 or so) works fine.

in fact, the deleted files are stored in //data/boris/files_trashbin which is the same like for the user with accessable trashbin.

Somebody who is able to read the log might have a look at it on

Thanks for helping me to fix this!


self-solved by research and executing

sudo -u www-data php occ trashbin:cleanup --all-users

I love the NC - brilliant software!

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Brilliant, in deed!


And if the provider does not allow the use of “sudo”, then try it without “sudo -u www-data” → “php occ trashbin:cleanup --all-users”
At least this was the solution for me (as a non-expert) ; )