Trash Bin Retention Time

Hello there,
I have a question about the trash bin retention policy. I currently have it set up as the following script: ‘trashbin_retention_obligation’ => ‘D1, D2’ ,

However, my NextCloud application will not recognize this new trash bin retention policy. I followed the instructions provided in this knowledge base article:, but I still have no luck. Can anyone chime in as to the issue of this setting?


D1 and D2 need to be replaced by values.

Could you please post your config line?

See also:

btw. add your server environment to your postings (nc version, …)

Sorry for the late response, Rakekniven. I replaced D1 and D2 with values and some reason trash bin retention time still doesn’t work. Here is what I have in the config line

I do not use this option, but I think the setting will not have an effect immediately.
Wait for next cron jobs to run.

Check the docs :slight_smile:

btw. you still do not provide your environment information :wink:

Have the same issue, waiting for 4 days now, no deletion happened