Transferring Calendar-Data from exchange to nextcloud

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I am using nextcloud 12.0.2 on hosted webspace.

I used to manage my calender on an exchange server using Thunderbird / lighning on fedora26
How can I transfer my appointments and all other calendar-data to nextcloud, so that I can kill my exchange-server?

I have googled a long time, but didn’t find an answer.
Maybe her can somebody help me!

Paul Berbers

as far as i understand your problem some easy way would be: download your calendar from exchange into an .ics-file and import it directly to your nextcloud-calendar.
then connect tb/lightning to sync with your nc-calendar

That was what I did.
But only about six weeks were transferred.
And - something very strange: The Apointments appered almost instantly
on my Android Phone and on my Workstation,
but not in the calendar-app inside nextcloud…

And that’s now about an hour ago,


that means they ARE transferred into your NC or otherwise they wouldn’t be synced with your mobile and workstation.

have you tried closing and re-opening it? plus: there is a little circle in front of the nc-calendar… is it filled with a colour-pattern or not? if not click it.

can’t help you with that. maybe give you an idea: how do you access your exchange-server now? use that software for export. if it doesn’t give you more than 6 weeks (+/- 3 weeks) try to find out about the limitations of said tool and how to bypass them

I used Thunderbird / lightning in a fedora Workstation. The point was, that it needs to read the calendar befor you can Export it. So I selected the first and the last day I wanted and exported it, and imported it in my nextcloud.
Now it was in nextcloud, but not in the APP.
So I exported it again, this time from my cloud account. And imported it in a New calendar. Now it is also in TH APP.
Now I habe cancelled my Exchange Account, distroying my last connection with Microsoft!!!
Thank you for your help.

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great! good you got it working.

if you wouldn’t mind it would be great if you’d mark this issue “solved”… :wink:

I would if I could.

Is there somewhere kind of how to?