Transferred folders are empty

Nextcloud version: 26.0.4
Operating system and version: Firefox Browser 102.10.0esr

I tried to transfer folder ownership to another account. I did so via the settings > share > new owner

I had no problems finding the other account and the other account got the notification about the transferred folders and accepted it.

The new folders appears as “Transferred from …”, but it remains completely empty.

There is no error notification.

Does anybody have an idea why it doesn’t work?

Thanks you!

Best, Ronja

There is nothing in the logfiles?

The cronjobs run on a regular basis (should be in the admin settings when it run for the last time). It might not be done instantly in case there are a lot of files to be transferred.

Is this a large folder? Just in case you think it might be linked with performance, I’d try to transfer ownership for a small folder with only a few textfiles. And then check the log file.