Transfere of shares without moving data need solution

Hello, I have a significant problem where employees who have created shares are leaving the company, including both links and direct internal shares.

All our data is exclusively stored on an external storage system. Unfortunately, the functionality of files:transfer-ownership doesn’t help at all, as it moves all data from the external storage to the local Nextcloud storage. However, in our case, no data is allowed to reside on the local Nextcloud storage.

I need a solution where the data remains where it is (or can be moved to another directory on the external storage), and only the shares from User A are transferred to User B, so that all other users can continue to use the shares.

If i change the uid_owner and uid_initiator in oc_share, than the share does not work anymore…
If i change the user back, the share works…

Waht do i have to change that i can switch the owner of the share and the share continues to work?

How can we approach this issue?

Kind regards


Nextcloud is a collaboration platform and normally if users go the links are not needed anymore.

For “static” links you can use the apps Configurable Share Links and Share Renamer. There you use a name and the new user can use the old name. Maybe you can also use Group folders.

Hello devnull,

thank you for your suggestions.
Its mostly internal shares and some links.
The user who shard is an ActivDirectory user and share the data on the ntfs protectet fileserver to nextcloud only user.

Groupfolders sadly not available for external storrage and always on the local nextcloud share.

i fond it seems the solution, thaanks chatgpt.

In the oc_mounts i can find the root_id of the folder that is shared.
If i change in the oc_share also this number to the number of the user that sould have the share, than it works.

Need further testing, but seems to work.

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