Transfer Tags between boards and servers - How-To

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I use Deck almost every day. One of the frustrations I’ve had with Deck is the fact that you can’t (yet) share tags among boards. I’ve found a way to do it, so I thought I would post it here for people who were not aware. Until this functionality is implemented on desktop and mobile, this makes a decent workaround.

How to transfer tags from one board to another


  • A Nextcloud server with an account
  • Nextcloud Deck for Android
  1. On the desktop (can be done on mobile, but desktop is easier) - Create a new card in the board which has the tags you want to transfer
  2. Open the card details and assign all the tags you want to that card.
  3. Now move the card to the board where you want to copy the tags to
  4. Look at the tags for the board you just transferred the card to. You should see all the tags.

How to transfer tags between servers

another scenario is for those who have Deck accounts on multiple servers


  • Same as above, +
  • Deck for Android is configured for all accounts you want to transfer tags to

Follow steps 1-2 from above and then follow these steps (All steps should be done on the Android app)

  1. In the card menu, select “Move Card”
  2. Select the server board you wish to send the card to
  3. Transfer the card with tags to the other server.
  4. Result: All tags are transferred to the other account in the board the card was assigned to

:warning: Be careful though, in my opinion this is a bug (which is useful for your scenario of course) which has also disadvantages. It might not work in the future and it might even lead to a corrupt database state (in theory). I also opened an issue to at least clone the tag when moving a card to another board instead of keeping the original tag for a clean database state. This warning only refers to the Web UI, the Android App already correctly creates clones of the label in the other board.

This is the actual issue to implement the feature in a proper way: Global tags setting · Issue #2316 · nextcloud/deck · GitHub

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