Transfer from cloud to cloud


I use a Nextcloud on one server and a Nextcloud on my Raspberry 4.

Now I would like these two clouds to synchronize with each other via one or more folders. That is, a file comes on my server to the cloud and is transferred to my cloud on my Raspberry 4.

For manual transport you can use “federated sharing”

user documentation:

admin documentation:

If i want copy data from one nextcloud user to another i copy the data in a share of the first user and then copy it out of the share on the destination side. Direct copy from the source nextcloud user in a shared destination folder sometimes not works.

Perhaps you can use “flow” for automation.

Can’t be produced because I have a self-issued certificate and he complains about it. You got any ideas?

You can really easy use Lets Encrypt for free.
Read this installation and only the nextcloud part.

You must open port 80 and 443 for Lets Encrypt - configuration.
Perhaps you must remove the old 443-configuration. Move it e.g. from …conf to …conf.old
Or backup your old apache2-configuration.

The ports are open as soon as the installation is done correctly.

Yes. But if you use a not self signed correct certificate from Lets Encrypt you can perhaps use “federated sharing” if you want to use it.

yes I have tried, but unfortunately did not go, always came, an error has occurred

Ok. Now you can solve your Lets Encrypt problem or use another way to copy the files. Sorry. For solving the Lets Encrypt problem open a new thread.