Training/consulting service on rights management and sharing settings

We are looking for a training/consulting service on certain Nextcloud functions, namely rights management and sharing settings.

We’re hoping to get someone who can give us 1-2 days of training/ consulting and answer our specific questions. Location would either in person in Berlin or online.
Up to 6 people from our staff would attend such a training, including our experienced sys-admin.

If there are any freelancers among you, who would be interested in sharing their knowledge, we’d be super happy!

We, the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany e.V., a non-profit association with 30 full-time employees with an office in Berlin, are currently switching from Google Drive to Nextcloud.
We have a hosting service provider and an experienced system administrator in our team.

However, due to our organizational structure, we have very special requirements for rights management: We have many sub-groups which include volunteers and other community members in addition to the main staff.

In addition to Nextcloud’s native features, we also use the Group Folders app for fine-tuning.

We are already working live on Nextcloud, and everything is working so far so good - but we do frequently encounter errors with rights managements. We’ve always been able so solve them, but we wish to understand the complex topic from the ground up and are therefore looking for advice in the form of training.

Budget: We are thinking of up to 3 daily rates, depending on the scope of the training and the necessary preparation and follow-up. We’re flexible, please tell us your rates! I’m certain we can

ideally October/ November 2022, or earliest convenience.

can be English or German (most of our team are German native speakers)

preferably in Berlin, but remote would also work

I hope this was comprehensive enough - please let me know if you’ve got further questions or want to get in touch:

contact me via email at sonja.fischbauer [at]

I’ll also come back regularly to check on the thread!