Tracking shared links via email

Hi everybody.
I’m using ownCloud and I would like to track in some way, better into activity app, all email addresses used for public links sharing if I send the link via email using the built in function.
Right now when I share a link via public link in activity I see something like: “You shared DOCUMENT by public link”, I want instead something like “You shared DOCUMENT by public link with email@domain.ext, email2@domain.ext”.
Do you know if is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hello alberto,

you reached the forums of Nextcloud. ownCloud has a forum too.

Your function is not available out of the box for Nextcloud.

Maybe ownCloud has a commercial solution for that.

It would be a good feature request for nextcloud tho. I have had questions about similar functionality

Ops, I’m sorry, I use both systems and I’ve made a mistake in selecting the right forum.
Thanks for your answers I will ask to owncloud developers too, but I think this will be a great feature also for nextCloud!