TOTP suddenly not working


My totp has suddenly stopped working. I haven’t applied any nextcloud(11.0.2) updates for some time. In order to get into my nextcloud instance, I’ve had to resort to:

sudo -u www-data php occ app:disable twofactor_totp

I’ve tried regenerating my TOTP codes, adding the QR code back into my phone and replacing the app. I was hoping someone could tell me where the logs for the TOTP app are? All it says on my home page is:

“Error while validating your second factor”


since we recently switched to daylight saving time, maybe either your phone or your server was not adjusted? Did it work when you re-setup the OTP?

I have exact the same problem. SInce this week my TOTP don’t work anymore

Ok, I solved it. The problem was that the time on my mobile phone was 2 minutes before my server. My Linux workstation had the same time as my server. I set my phone to auto update time and immediately the time was the same as my server and TOTP works again :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I’m running ubuntu server and it appears to have the same local time as my desktop. I’ll have a play around and get back when I can