Totally baffled how to get started *newbie alert*

Hi all total NC NEWBIE so bear with me.
My use of Ubunti etc is litterally cut and paste, anything more than that I don’t get it!!

OK, I’ve a QNAP TS-453A where I’ve managed to install NextCloud VM 40GB from T&M Hansson. I’ve managed to get to the web admin page but that’s it. I’m wanting to use this for a replacement dropbox, so nothing too fancy for 3 users.

Issues found:

  1. Installing sudo bash /var/scripts/’ - getting not found
  2. And from logging in I see a nice dashboard but that’s it… is there some documentation I;m missing to st up the front end for files etc?
  3. What else should I be doing…

Thanks in advance - hapy to zoom/teams / screenshare if that helps

Hi, from where did you download the appliance? From this website?

Yes indeed,

Then you should have experience the startup script when logging in via SSH into the VM the first time: Document

I did
I end up here:

But what I’m trying to do is end up on the admin log in plage as an end user.

I am getting (which I suspect the issue is) a trust_domain error and trying to address it - but don’t know how to access the config.php file (norally I would FTP something like that down locally and then upload it with changes. but regardless the documentation is ‘light’ on doing this sort of stuf (agree it probably assumed)

This doesn’t look loke the installation is new if webmin is preinstalled… When did you download the appliance? Otherwise you have already gone through the startup script… Did you try to acces the appliance through SSH?

It is new, installed on Satruday. as for SSH… double dutch

HI might be easier if we screenshare or something? as you’ll probably see more from what tyou see rather than me describing. I’ve activate SSH (although my security ocnsole doesn;t like SSH being active on port 22

Sry but I’d rather not do this.
Maybe @enoch85 has an idea what is going wrong here?

No clue, all the installations and VMs I’ve tried don’t have this error.

If you want to use the script but is missing it - simply just run the built in update script.

sudo bash /var/scripts/

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I guess it should be sudo bash /var/scripts/ (small V)

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Thank you, but it’s not being accepted in either format.
Why am I not seeing the normal front end login screen?
Localhost/nextcloud also doesn;t do anything

@digitalgerry did you try to run this command via SSH?

No because:
1: Only discovered SSH is a module not installed
2: Chrome won;t allow access to my URL
3: FF won;t allow it to be indtalled as it doesn;t have java
This couldn’t get more difficult

Do you maybe have physical access to your server? Then you could try to log in directly in the console…

No just URL

So then I am out of ideas. Without SSH and physical access there is nothing you can do.

Although it seems like webmin is installed. Maybe you can use that to enable SSH?

hi @digitalgerry if you mind clean start I could share docker-compose.yml running fine on Qnap TS-453… (given Container Station app is installed). I didn’t try it from UI but starting it from console is pretty easy. the only issue you need to start it manually on each NAS restart…

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Yes, I’d also suggest to use a different solution or to start all over again with the NcVM.

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