Total User Quota


Quite a simple request, really.

Is there any way to find out what the combined total quota of all users is?

As I allot users space on our NextCloud instance, I just want to easily keep track of how much has been allotted, to ensure that I keep ahead of the game adding new disks. So that I’m not, you know, handing out more quota than is actually available.

Of course, I could manually add it all up myself user-by-user, but this seems like something very basic that should be in NextCloud itself somewhere.

If there actually isn’t anything already in place and I’ve just missed it, perhaps it could simply be a “total quota” box at the top of the “Users” page, so you can see at a glance.

Indeed, make it a “used / total” bar and that’ll allow admins to very easily see at a glance what the storage situation is.

For fun, colour code it green, and it can turn amber and red as storage gets low to indicate a “increase disk capacity now” warning.