Torrent Client using Nextcloud SSL connection

Hello everyone,

I downloaded the ocdownloader on my Nextcloud “app store” and I’m using dnsmask and letsencrypt on my Nextcloud and I would like to know if I use this ocdownloader torrent client will hide the download content from my ISP.

Thank you

Hi @Canhobix

I don’t think any Torrent cllent can do that on it’s own. You would have to use a VPN service or a service like BTguard. However, I do not know whether OC_downloader directly supports connections via a seperate proxy or VPN service. If not, you would have to use a VPN / Proxy for your whole Netxloud server… If that’s not feasible for you, I would recommend to keep this seperate from your Nextcloud and install a seperate torrent client on the same server or maybe even better, on a seperate box or VM.

No, it will not. Honestly don’t think we should advise you on piracy, but it is really only an internet search away using the tips from @bb77. Good luck, and be sure to read ocdownloader documentation to understand it does not actually include the aria2c torrent client, so you’ll need to set it up.

Dear Just,

I appreciate your concern regarding piracy, but not everyone has the privilege of living in a free country, and in order to send and receive files, I use torrent.

I appreciate this as well. Either way, Nextcloud software itself has nothing to do with torrenting or piracy. Ocdownloader will help you torrent by adding a friendly GUI, but you still will need to setup the actual torrenting software (aria2c in their example) yourself.

Second post in the thread is what you must use for privacy: a proxy or VPN to route all your torrenting traffic through. You’ll need to pay a monthly or annual fee for such a service. You’ll also need to set this up manually as well, but thankfully there are tons of guides online. Good luck in getting it going!

All this secures it your connection to Nextcloud via SSL.

All p2p traffic is fully identifiable from your Torrent Client <-> ISP <-> Torrent server
This means anyone interested can follow up with your ISP to complain about what you are torrenting.

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