Tons of errors since NC 28.0.1

Hej all,

since NC 28.0.1 my instalation produces tons of errors, also after upgrading to 28.0.2. Collateral, NC ist badly inperformant…, extremely laggy login, sometimes failing due to timeout…

see {"reqId":"jidh1ghEWZhN5YPS3gWm","level":0,"time":"2024-02-01T22:05:02+00:00","re -
(domain and useranonymized)

Operating system and version: Raspberry OS Bookworm stable repo only, fully patched, on RPI4, 4GB
Apache or nginx version - from OS: 2.4.57
PHP version - from OS: 8.2.7

Thanks for hints!


Please search the forum before posting. There are plenty of entries.

You’ll also need to post your config if you want help.

I would start by setting your log level to something more reasonable like 2. You seem to have it set to 0 which is for debugging and will slow everything down.

Thanks for both two answers.
I switched the log level, have a very much better readable nextcloud.log now and will work on the troubles deeper by searching the forum.

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